Artist Statement 

Jennifer Llewellyn combines on paper a traditional sense of graphic art, with a more abstract vision, resulting in the suggestion of intense movement in some compositions, and, in others, of absolute stasis. This body of work is created out of the need to re-define Man-made links to facilitate clear-seeing, both concrete and conceptual. Her physical and spiritual journeys are reflected in the expressionistic linearity and textures of her mixed media drawings and prints. Llewellyn attempts to re-invent and re-interpret our innate desire to define and explore the world in and around by us creating aesthetic tools that bring us closer to the exploration of our everyday lives – the abstract thought, the abstract connections, the intricate and often complicated collages of the world around us. 

Llewellyn had an early exposure to art, having spent a good amount of time crawling around a printing press and easel before she even used them herself. She started her professional training at the School of Visual Arts in New York and graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Jennifer’s fine art concentration resurfaced at the Art Students League of New York, under the guidance of assemblage artist Bruce Dorfman and master printmaker Sylvie Germain Covey. Most recently Jennifer completed a master’s degree in the business of art and design. She was one of twenty students nationwide chosen to pioneer an MBA focused program for entrepreneurial artists at The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

She has exhibited widely and has been selected for inclusion in many highly acclaimed exhibitions including The Katonah Museum of Art’s Contemporary Confrontations exhibition curated by Nan Rosenthal, retired Senior Consultant for Modern and Contemporary Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Llewellyn works primarily on paper yet her surface execution is far from simple. Her mediums and styles range from the swipe of a paintbrush to a contact print of a vintage cheese grater. This process involves fearless experimentation in an effort to create a single image exploding with abstract visual thoughts and spiritual inspiration. Within the structure of each piece, Llewellyn invites the viewer to find freedom, texture, rhythm, beauty and growth. 

“Texture is a virus I can’t shake, or perhaps I chose not to abide the antidote.”

Designer Statement 

Llewellyn is also seasoned designer who creates “Balanced & Slightly Twisted” messages and conceptual imagery through the mediums of printmaking, graphic design and varying techniques for use in products, licensing and exhibitions. She also provides niche market consulting, brand and product development for the art, music and wellness industries and small businesses.

Branding and Identity
Graphic Design
Product and Service Development
Art Installation
Home Décor
Textile and Surface Design
Motivation and Brainstorming

“Somebody once said to me “You can’t stay on the canvas, can ya beautiful?” So true… My philosophy of design is simple - The bigger the work gets the more people I can invite into my space, they become a part of my art. If they invite me into their world, their homes, all the better.”

Simply put: I like to mingle.

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